Kesha’s Mom Goes Off on Twitter Over Canceled Billboard Performance

Kesha’s Mom Goes Off on Twitter Over Canceled Billboard Performance


Kesha’s Mom Goes Off on Twitter Over Canceled Billboard Performance news

Kesha‘s mom, Pebe Sebert, let the world know her feelings about Kesha’s recently canceled Billboard Music Awards performance. Sebert took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon with a stream of tweets calling out everyone from the judge in Kesha’s case to the industry in general for letting this abuse continue. “So are Keshas constitutional rights being violated now, judge Lady? Does every adult woman need a mans permission to do what she loves?” she wrote. A New York judge recently threw out Kesha’s appeal to be released from her Sony contract. “Every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime,” the judge said at the ruling.

Sebert then called out Dr. Luke directly and asked, “Do you think that there is one male singer who could ever be ‘not allowed to sing’ on the Billboard Awards by another man???” Earlier this week, news broke that Kesha’s scheduled performance at this year’s Billboard Music Awards was canceled by Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records. The presenter of the event, Dick Clark Productions, released an official statement explaining that the label initially agreed to the performance but “subsequently rescinded its approval.” As a result, Kesha is no longer legally allowed to perform as planned. Kesha’s performance was reportedly going to be a “statement,” according to TMZ.

In a statement on her Instagram, Kesha expressed her disappointment at the chain of events and refuted the claim that she was going to make a direct references to her ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke in her performance. “I was very excited to perform a tribute to Bob Dylan by singing a cover of “It ain’t me, babe” at the Billboard awards this year. I’m very sad and sorry to say I won’t be allowed to do this…I was never going to use a picture of [Dr. Luke], speak of him or allude to my legal situation in any way. I simply wanted to sing a song I love to honor an artist I have always looked up to. thank u all for the continued support.”

Kesha previously covered Bob Dylan back in 2011 with acoustic rendition of “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” for the album, Chimes of Freedom. She is also set to perform at the legend’s 75th birthday concert later this month.

Sebert made some final points about Kemosabe in general, and asked, “Are KEMOSABE’s actions today the actions of a record label that is trying to promote the success of their artist? Wouldn’t any record company fight to have their artist have the exposure to millions? Only if they wanted their artist to succeed!” You can read Kesha’s mom’s tweets below and Kesha’s response on the matter here.