Kevin Gates Says We "Shoulda Got an Ark" to Deal With Louisiana...

Kevin Gates Says We "Shoulda Got an Ark" to Deal With Louisiana Floods


Louisiana is still recovering from the devastating flooding that left thirteen people confirmed dead and countless others displaced from their homes, but Kevin Gates had a surprising response when questioned about the tragedy by TMZ.

In the quick exchange, Gates was asked if he thinks Obama has done a good job responding to the crisis. In response, Gates just laughed. Then, the rapper is asked another question. "How do you think they should've handled the flood out there, man?" Gates laughed even harder before responding, "Shoulda got an ark," referencing the Biblical chapters where God instructs Noah to build an ark to survive a flood.

It's a surprising response from the Baton Rouge native since he is from the area affected by the tragedy. Of course, it's hard to know if Gates was actually joking about the news, the question, or even the coverage of the floods. The rapper is no stranger to controversy though and has commented on many current events including the police shootings in Baton Rogue and has been vocal in his refusal to not support the Black Lives Matter movement. Naturally, social media is going in on Gates for the comments. 

"We kill each other. But as soon as a white boy kill one of us, everybody going hooping and howling and all that stupid ass shit," he has said in the past about the Black Lives Matter movement. Undoubtedly, he is a man with convictions because he also revealed why he is so vocal about topics. "When you stand for something, you gotta stand for it all the way, not halfway."

His tendency to be vocal about his beliefs is why it's hard to tell if he is joking this time. Watch Gates' response to the questions above and decide for yourself.