Kid Cudi Says He’s Working on a New Album This Summer

Kid Cudi Says He’s Working on a New Album This Summer


Kid Cudi Says Hes Working on a New Album This Summer news

Kid Cudi has been sporadically releasing new songs on Twitter these past few weeks, and we finally know why: he’s releasing a new album this summer.

Cudder went on Twitter to slide in the announcement through a series of tweets about being underappreciated in all aspects of his life. “I got here with all odds against me. I will rise again,” he wrote.

Last year, Cudi released Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, which followed up his surprise album Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon. Cudi didn’t specify if this new summer album would be Man on the Moon III, but with recent releases “The Frequency” and “All In” it sounds like it’ll be a separate project on its own.

Another tweet that should give you some motivation is that Cudi doesn’t have anything to lose creatively and in his personal life. “I think about blowin my brains out a handful a times a week, I fear no one. I give no fucks. I’m a warrior in a hell.”

Read his tweets, below.