Kylie Jenner Explains Break With Tyga, Calls Coupling Her "First Real Mature...

Kylie Jenner Explains Break With Tyga, Calls Coupling Her "First Real Mature Relationship"


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Much has been written about Kylie Jenner and Tyga‘s relationship, much of it by people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Hell, at one point the rumor factory had everyone believing King Kylie and Tyga were working on some presumably great music together as a token of their love. That, like so many other media whisperings, turned out to be total BS. In her new cover story chat with Complex, Kylie opened up about her relationship with Tyga and what it’s meant to her as someone whose every move is meticulously picked apart by the general public.

“At the end of the day I have to live with everything I do,” Kylie told Complex. “I’m just proud of myself for not going crazy. Tyga helped me with that a lot.” When Kylie arrived at Milk Studios for her cover shoot, Tyga joined her before leaving a few hours later to visit his son, King. Their bond was obvious, with Kylie walking Tyga to the door and kissing him goodbye.

Though Kylie doesn’t use phrases like “first love” when describing Tyga, she doesn’t shy away from revealing just how important he is in her life, calling their coupling her “first real mature relationship.” Kylie did admit, however, that those close to her weren’t immediately sold on the idea. “The first year we started hanging out everyone around him told him not to be with me,” she said. “I still get comments like, ‘Don’t be with him.’ People will hate on our relationship, but we’re not doing it for the public—we love each other. We have a love for each other like I’ve never felt before.”

Kylie also confirmed previous reports of a brief split, shooting down Tyga’s rumored cheating and insisting instead that they just needed some time apart. “I just needed to see what it was like not being with him,” Kylie told Complex. “We realized that wasn’t what we wanted.” But all is certainly well in their relationship now. “We just have a connection,” Kylie said. “We like to do the same things. We need to be together at all times. We never get mad at each other, we just figure things out.”

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