LeBron James Wants Kendrick Lamar to Drop His "Untitled" Songs

LeBron James Wants Kendrick Lamar to Drop His "Untitled" Songs


During Kendrick Lamar's last several television appearances, he's performed songs from his “Untitled” series. They have graced the stage of Stephen Colbert and the Grammys, and have garnered rave reviews from fans and critics alike. These songs have made such an impression that it looks like his fan base aren't the only ones clamoring for him to release the tracks in CDQ.

None other than LeBron James took to Twitter tonight to ask TDE's CEO Top Dawg to convince Lamar to release the tracks to the public, citing his show-stopping Grammys performance as proof that we need them. “You have to release those untitled tracks asap!!!” he wrote. “What's up? Talk to me.”

Although Kendrick's television performances have been widely praised—especially at the Grammys—so far he's shown no signs of moving towards releasing them in downloadable format. While it's all but assured he would make a bundle and please his fans while doing it, Lamar's music releases are carefully calculated. He probably has his reasons for keeping them as live-only performances for now. Hopefully, with the urging of a basketball superstar, maybe Top Dawg and Lamar will reconsider. Until then, keep your eyes on your Twitter timelines.