Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna Reportedly Spotted ‘Whispering Into Each Other’s Ears’

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna Reportedly Spotted ‘Whispering Into Each Other’s Ears’


Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna Reportedly Spotted Whispering Into Each Others Ears news

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna have swiftly reignited rumors of their conscious coupling thanks to a chance encounter at Intrigue Nightclub’s grand opening celebration in Las Vegas on Friday. Rihanna decided to drop in on the festivities while in town for her ongoing ANTI tour and promptly bumped into still-glowing Oscar winner DiCaprio, Entertainment Tonight reports. The verdict on their would-be relationship, however, remains as frustratingly mysterious as ever.

DiCaprio was spotted by ET‘s sources chatting heavily with RiRi in the club’s VIP section, a location from which they were both reportedly “whispering into each other’s ears.” Though the two apparently ducked out of the throwdown separately, they were later spotted together again at Wynn Tower Suites alongside a certain former One Directioner, the inimitable Louis Tomlinson.

Conversations? General niceties? Whispering? This is a pretty solid update on the current status of whatever the two have been building, though a quick revisiting of their alleged history is certainly in order:

Here Are Photos of Rihanna Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio

Following some admirable denials of any such dating nonsense in March of last year, DiCaprio and Rihanna kicked off 2016 the right way by apparently being photographed mid-kiss. Does a kiss automatically lead to being crowned the new royal couple? Nah. But it definitely helps everyone keep the dream of a Leo x RiRi mega-romance very much alive. Thanks for always keeping the public’s best interests at heart, anonymous sources.