Lira Galore Reveals the Real Reason Her and Rick Ross Split on...

Lira Galore Reveals the Real Reason Her and Rick Ross Split on 'Iyanla: Fix My Life'


Lira Galore opened up about her failed engagement to Rick Ross on OWN's Iyanla: Fix My Lifeas she went into detail on what went wrong. The pair initially got engaged in September of 2015, but called the whole thing off only two months later.

"Our relationship was phenomenal, but then he changed. He was doing a lot of sneaky things behind my back," Galore explained on Fix My Life. "I'm angry because I want our black men to value us, and they don't." From there, Galore went on to describe how her anger drives her to drinking because "I like the way it makes me feel. It makes me forget my pain, my hurt, my heartbreak," before adding that it sometimes leads to her acting out.

Galore said her biggest problem in the relationship was "being naive" and "listening to anything I was being told." In a past interview, Galore 

It didn't take long for Lira to receive backlash and criticism for appearing on the show, so she took to Instagram to respond to the feedback after the episode aired Saturday night. "I chose to do this show for my women followers," she wrote. "It's easy to see public relationships or lifestyles on Instagram and forget we are all human. We are all naive at times. I've learned you have to stay focused on your goals, and the love you build for yourself will always be remain solid. Outside that, you have to trust your worth as a person and as a woman."

Watch Lira's conversation with Iyanla on the show above.


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