Listen To Mr. Mitch's Ominous "Friend Of Mine"

Listen To Mr. Mitch's Ominous "Friend Of Mine"


Mr. Mitch's debut album (setting aside the self-released Searching Volume 1: Venus), Parallel Memories, in 2014 was a game-changing release. Not only did it crystallise a lot of the disparate movements that have emerged in the past few years, it also showed the potential for genuine songwriting and melodic hooks within the sound (see “Don't Leave”). Since then, Mitch and his Boxed cohorts have been pushing the sound in a host of new and exciting directions (as well as lending his skills to Katy B's album), picking up elements of trap, industrial, pop and trance along the way. Now we've got a brand new track from Mr. Mitch, “Friend Of Mine”, a screeching, menacing exercise in atmospheric low end and heart-wrenching vocal samples reduced to little more than an anguished wail. Though many fans have begged for a substantial release, there's been no confirmation. We can but hope.