Lock of David Bowie's Hair Could Go for Thousands at Auction

Lock of David Bowie's Hair Could Go for Thousands at Auction


Lock of David Bowie's Hair Could Go for Thousands at Auction news

Call it a modern-day relic. A clipping of David Bowie‘s bouffant blonde coiffure, circa Let’s Dance, could fetch thousands this week at auction. The current bid is for $2,000 on Heritage Auctions, but The Associated Press is reporting that the Beverly Hills–based auction house is expecting to get more than $4,000 for the lock on Saturday.

The item description in the auction explains why a clipping of David Bowie’s hair from his commercial peak still exists. “A snippet of the singer’s pale blonde hair, tied together with blue thread, affixed to the upper left corner of a black and white photograph depicting Bowie standing next to the current owner [a young woman who worked as a Wig Mistress at Madame Tussauds in London], she had the enviable task of recreating Bowie’s 1983-era hairdo for his wax figure that was being created for the famous museum,” it says.

“After she snipped this chunk of Bowie’s hair (so its color could be duplicated for the wax figure’s wig), she kept it for a souvenir as she was a huge Bowie fan,” it continues. “Included is a signed letter from the Wig Mistress outlining how she obtained this hair, plus some other related documents. … (Please note the plastic frame the hair and photograph are in is dirtied due to age.)”

The lock of hair is approximately two inches long. The photograph is seven inches by nine and a half. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Soi Dog Foundation, which aims to improve the welfare of cats and dogs in Thailand.

Other notable Bowie items that Heritage is currently auctioning include a charcoal drawing he made in 1996, a signed copy of Hunky Dory and the gold sales plaque received by David Bowie himself for Let’s Dance.