M.I.A. Shares Her Final Album 'AIM'

M.I.A. Shares Her Final Album 'AIM'


M.I.A. Shares Her Final Album 'AIM' news

M.I.A. is just about ready to hang up her microphone, at least for now, but she couldn't leave without dropping one final project for the fans. To that end, she released her fifth album AIM Thursday night. The project contains the previously released songs "Go Off" f/ Skrillex, "Freedun" f/ Zayn Malik, and "Bird Song." The last of these finds her reconnecting with Diplo, with whom she had a very public falling out after years of dating and working together on some of her biggest hits, including most of her sophomore album Kala

M.I.A. did say that AIM would be her last official album, but she definitely hasn't ruled out releasing more music in the future. She will, however, be taking time to focus on other endeavors. She explained the inspiration behind the album to Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. "I came out of a relationship and I had all of this time on my hands and nothing to do," the singer said, realizing she hadn't been single since she wrote Kala back in 2007. "This record kind of become that. It was just sort of me finding myself again and coming to terms with what your life is."

It might be a while before we hear more music from M.I.A., so cherish what we've got and check out her new album AIM on iTunes here.