M.O.P.'s Billy Danze Has a Message for President Obama in '6 O'Clock...

M.O.P.'s Billy Danze Has a Message for President Obama in '6 O'Clock Briefing' Video


Rapper Billy Danze is known for his hardcore rhymes as one-half of the Brooklyn, N.Y. rap duo M.O.P. But the rap vet now wants to have a word with President Barack Obama.

In his urgent video for “6 O’Clock Briefing,” Danze plays a Secret Service assigned to protect the President. Before his detail, Danze has a 2-minute powwow with POTUS as he explains the plight of black men and women in the inner-city.

The BK veteran also tells the president to not abandon black people in our time of need. “We lifted you to the top from the basement / We do not want to feel like it’s a displacement / You should not disconnect from what we’re facing / Or turn a blind eye and try to erase it,” he raps, adding, “Would you tell us what the truth is? / Is there a mass production of designer nooses?”

With the recent shooting deaths of Terence Cruther, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, there some who think that President Obama hasn’t done enough to help black people during his presidency.

It’s always good to see rapper address these social and political issues in their songs. T.I. recently dropped a thought-provoking video for his anti-police brutality song “War Zone.”

We need more rappers to speak out on social issues instead of beefing. Watch Billy Danze’s video message to the president above.