Makonnen Is Reportedly No Longer Signed to OVO Sound

Makonnen Is Reportedly No Longer Signed to OVO Sound


Makonnen Is Reportedly No Longer Signed to OVO Sound news

Makonnen is reportedly no longer signed to OVO Sound, according to Billboard. Interestingly enough, the rapper’s latest project, Drink More Water 6, was listed only under Warner Bros. Record’s name on iTunes. If you remember, the Atlanta rapper originally signed with Drake’s label back in 2014. Of course, there has been some signs lately that the relationship between the rapper and his label wasn’t necessarily the best. Back in December of 2015, Makonnen gave the impression he had distanced himself from the OVO crew. “I’m just an artist, being an artist, and there’s only so much that I can do,” he said in an interview. He went on to hint at the fact that the label doesn’t put his music out fast enough, revealing that Second Chance” was intended to be released as a warm weather jam last summer.

Fortunately, it seems changes have no way of slowing Makonnen down. He just dropped a joint collaboration with Lil B titled “Can’t Let It Go” and announced that the two will be going on tour together. He went on to thank the Based God with a heartfelt note on SoundCloud, “THANK U FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR HUMANITY! U ARE A TRUE SUPERSTAR IN HUMAN FORM SO GLAD TO CALL U MY FRIEND/ BROTHER,/MENTOR /INSPIRATION TO US ALL!!!!!! SO PROUD TO SHARE THIS TRACK WITH THE INTERNET!” We have reached out to Warner Bros. and will keep you updated with any news.