Mashup of President Obama Singing Rihanna's "Work"

Mashup of President Obama Singing Rihanna's "Work"


It’s hard to believe it took this long, but someone has finally come around to editing a bunch of president Obama’s speeches to have him sing “Work” by Rihanna. Turns out the president has said the word “work” a lot in his two term tenure as president, so maybe putting this video together wasn’t a ton of… work.

The video comes from the YouTube account baracksdubs, who is responsible for many viral dub videos of celebrities singing hit songs. Recently baracksdubs created a video of Donald Trump singing DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win,” which is hilarious in a disturbing kind of way.

The most recent Barack Obama-does-Rihanna video came out on Memorial Day and has already racked up more than 492,000 views. That number is probably the combined result of how great a song “Work” is, the internet’s insatiable love for dub videos, and the panic that’s setting in among many Democrats that Obama only has a handful of months left in the White House.

Literal tears have been shed since at least February, when this video dropped of a young girl weeping after learning that the president would be leaving office soon (same).

Even though Obama doesn’t have another term ahead of him, there’s always the strong possibility (given the name of the YouTube account) that baracksdubs will stick around and keep the Obama videos coming at least until the next president is sworn in in January. After that, fans of the Barack will just have to watch him sing “Work” on repeat until the pain dulls.