Mobb Deep's #ShookOnesChallenge Takes the Internet By Storm

Mobb Deep's #ShookOnesChallenge Takes the Internet By Storm


Chance the Rapper inspired his fans to spit bars to their loved ones with the #SoGoneChallenge, but now it’s time to get gully with it. Legendary Queensbridge group Mobb Deep went on their Instagram page to launch the #ShookOnesChallenge.

On Tuesday (Aug. 23), the dynamic duo  put the call out for their fans to spit grimy bars over their classic 1995 single, “Shook Ones (Pt. II),” from their hip-hop masterpiece, The Infamous.

“No disrespect to those doing the #SoGoneChallenge but we want to know where the real spitters at?” reads a statement from the official Mobb Deep Instagram page. “#ShookOnesChallenge let’s go! No whack Ish allowed…”

Prodigy also put the call out on his IG page, writing, “Forget that #sogonechallenge now I wanna see that #shookoneschallenge rappers, singers upload your videos with the hashtag #shookoneschallenge I’ll repost the best ones,” he wrote.

So far, the fans have obliged Mobb Deep with some fantastic submissions.

From the plethora of submissions, it’s good to see some of the ladies jumping in the mix and spitting gritty bars. We also have to salute folks overseas like in London, where rappers are bringing a little Grime flow to Havoc’s sinister beat. One person even donned a Deadpool mask while delivering his gully bars.

Check out the videos below of some of the best #ShookOnesChallenge we spotted on the Internet.

#ShookOnesChallenge ‼️‼️‼️ @prodigymobbdeep @mobbdeepqb @mobbdeephavoc

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#LadyMerk #ShookOnesChallenge @mobbdeepqb #GM #LetskeepThisGoing #RealHipHop #FemaleRapper #Philly #EffenLady

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Tag someone who can or cannot rap better than this Had to get in on the #ShookOnesChallenge, especially with it being this week's #MurderTheBeat S/O to @prodigymobbdeep @mobbdeephavoc @mobbdeepqb for the opportunity & @cyphercircuit & @kingspillsbk for hyping up the challenge even more. . ___________________________________________________________________ "Shook ones y'all like some Parkinson's patients packed at the epicenter/ if this is a challenge the best contender/ is Clapton standin next to #Hendrix strapped with the best of fenders/ think y'all got a chance until I get to rappin backwards, and deretne ouy terger/ and then reverse it and play it back and regret you entered/ cause when I finish this submission all that's left is embers/ my bars are sharper than a bayonet/ before I turn this mobb deep beat to Parmesan cheese I'll pay respects/ a combination of #SeanP and #Gandhi, when blatant threats/ miss me like Maine's beauty pageant's best/ Your bars are like the logs at a&m's/ last bonfire falling short of flames, cause y'all are sorta lame/ I'm morbid in the brain but what I say's important to retain/ the rap counselor preventing more divorces from the game/ at the same time burning down the store ya get ya J's from/ a lifer working for the cypher circuit/ and we're sicker than the population taking in vein the same hypodermic/ I am Hip-Hop's version of Tyler Durden." . #MCRE #MobbDeep #UnsignedHype #Underground #Music #hiphop #lyricist #rap #emcee #artist #bars #CypherCircuit #Teambackpack @teambackpack @savethehiphopculture @oldschoolhip_hop #InTheCypher #ShookOnes @ambrosia4heads #SeanP #Jordans @hiphopdx #realhiphop #hiphopculture #rapper

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@cyphercircuit #murderthebeat #shookoneschallenge Some fresh bars written yesterday @prodigymobbdeep @mobbdeepqb

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