Mumford & Sons to Donate North Carolina Show Profits to LGBT Charity

Mumford & Sons to Donate North Carolina Show Profits to LGBT Charity


Mumford & Sons to Donate North Carolina Show Profits to LGBT Charity news

Mumford & Sons will donate profits from their show in North Carolina to an LGBT group in protest of the state's controversial "bathroom bill." James Minchin

Mumford & Sons will donate profits from their concert in Charlotte, North Carolina tonight, April 14th, to a local LGBT organization in response to the state’s controversial House Bill 2.

“As a band that relishes welcoming everyone to our shows and promoting tolerance, we do want to take a stand with the people of North Carolina who this week are shouting loudly against intolerance, fear and discrimination,” the band wrote on Facebook.

The group’s announcement comes as North Carolina faces a strong backlash against HB2, otherwise known as the “bathroom bill,” which forces transgender people to use restrooms associated with their birth certificate and encroaches on the LGBT community’s rights within the workplace.

“Over the years we’ve looked for ways to contribute to the vitality of local communities and, in that spirit, we’re now creating a charitable fund to support those who have made it their mission to pursue love and justice,” Mumford & Sons added. “We will be donating all of our profits from this show to this new fund. And we will start by making a donation from it to a local LGBTQ organization.”

Mumford join a growing list of musicians taking a stand against HB2 and similar laws in states like Mississippi and Indiana, which cripple the rights of the LGBT community under the guise of “religious freedom.” Both Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr have canceled North Carolina concerts, while Bryan Adams called off a show in Mississippi.

Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace — who came out as transgender in 2012 — has also promised that her group will play their upcoming concert in Durham, North Carolina “as a form of protest.” Grace said Against Me! will allow LGBT groups to set up information tables at the gig and that she would encourage attendees to use gender-neutral bathrooms at the venue.