Nardwuar and Snoop Dogg Talk Novelty Rap and Canadian Customs in Their...

Nardwuar and Snoop Dogg Talk Novelty Rap and Canadian Customs in Their Hilarious New Interview


In his latest interview, Nardwuar interviews Snoop Dogg for a monumental eighth time. As Snoop puts it, “Anytime you can do eight interviews with Nardwuar, you must say that this is the eighth wonder of the world.” The Human Serviette dishes out his usual stack of gifts to the king of West Coast G-funk hip hop with an Ike and Tina Turner poster, revealing that the two nearly collaborated once when Ike invited Snoop to perform on a record with him. They also discuss some novelty rap records including ones from Big Boi and Chunky A. One clear highlight is when the two also discuss Snoop’s extracurricular smoke-filled activities including being voted Stoner of the Year in both 2002 and 2003.

Nardwuar doesn’t miss an opportunity to get Snoop riled up on Arnold Schwarzenegger by showing him his album and soft album cover. In the end, Snoop says he loves Vancouver but he also completely rips Canadian customs, noting that he never has anything on him because it’s always waiting for him on the other side. Still, Snoop highly respects Nardwuar who he insists deserves his own show on a real TV network. Watch the hilarious clip above.