Nick Young Is No Longer Calling for Chris Brown to Move Out...

Nick Young Is No Longer Calling for Chris Brown to Move Out of His Neighborhood


Chris Brown caused chaos in his Los Angeles neighborhood in late August after he was accused of threatening a woman with a gun—and no one hated it more than his neighbors. As helicopters circled overhead and police surrounded Brown’s mansion, quite a few of them used social media to express how frustrating the situation was for them. But no one was more vocal about it than Lakers guard Nick Young, who posted a video on social media that featured him begging Brown to move out of his neighborhood ASAP.

"You gotta move, man!" Young said in the video. "Go on, get away from over here, please. You’re making the block hot, buddy. You’re my friend and all, but you gotta go."

Brown’s legal situation is still up in the air, but it seems Swaggy P is no longer begging the singer to cool the block off by moving out of his ‘hood. TMZ Sports caught up with him on Thursday, and he said that he’s down to let Brown stay right where he’s at. "He good," Young said. "He’s an icon. We need him on a high pedestal. Y’all trying to bring him down."

Elsewhere in the interview, TMZ Sports also asked Young about his Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell, who infamously filmed Young talking about cheating on his then-fiancée Iggy Azalea without his knowledge and then accidentally leaked the video. Specifically, Young was asked what he thought about fans heckling Russell at a Drake concert recently and yelling "Hide your phones!" at him. Young suggested it’s time to let Russell’s transgression go.

"He good," Young said. "He good."

Young is awfully forgiving these days, eh? Check out the clip above to see his full interview.