Our Favorite Songs Right Now: Kendrick, Ariana Grande and More

Our Favorite Songs Right Now: Kendrick, Ariana Grande and More


Our Favorite Songs Right Now: Kendrick, Ariana Grande and More news

What’s currently rocking Rolling Stone HQ? Kendrick Lamar’s scathing corporate takedown, Ariana Grande’s sultry new ode and a transgender singer’s devastating art-pop look at the very personal impact of impersonal drone warfare. Check out these tracks, plus new cuts from Parquet Courts, Big Thief and others, below.

Kendrick Lamar, “Untitled 03: 5.28.13”

Untitled 3 – Kendrick Lamar [Instrumental] *Teaser*

We’re still reeling from Lamar’s 2015 opus, To Pimp a Butterfly, and now he surprise-drops a set of brilliant leftovers. Untitled Unmastered’s funk-soul standout is an anti-corporate blast that’s as thrilling as it is scathing.

Anohni, “Drone Bomb Me”

ANOHNI – Drone Bomb Me

Transgender art-pop singer Anohni (formerly Antony) is releasing an album co-produced by Kanye collaborator Hudson Mohawke. This single is as darkly devastating as its title – sung from the perspective of a girl whose parents have been droned, and who wants the same.

Parquet Courts, 
”Berlin Got Blurry”

Parquet Courts – Berlin Got Blurry (Official Video)

The most exciting thing about the best indie band of the past five years is how it refuses to sit still. The dusky guitars on this hopped-up rocker from the upcoming Human Performance evoke the Modern Lovers as the not entirely comfortable house band in a Wild West canteen.

Ariana Grande, “Dangerous Woman”

Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman (A Cappella)

Coming off the best Saturday Night Live appearance by a post-teen pop star since “Dick in a Box”-era Justin Timberlake, the thrush-size diva with the five-alarm vocal power knocks out a sumptuously bluesy ode to her own awesomely lethal ladyhood.

Big Thief, “Real Love”

Big Thief – Real Love

“Real love makes your lungs black,” sings Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker. And this Brooklyn band’s searing guitars drive home that message with terrifying power.

Brandy Clark, “Girl Next Door”

Brandy Clark – Girl Next Door (Official Music Video)

A warning shot/come-on from a country spitfire who “ain’t your Marcia Brady.” Clark’s tough talk sticks because her tunes are as sharp as her one-liners.

Rogue Wave, “California Bride”

Rogue Wave – California Bride (Official Audio)

Gorgeous early-spring alt-pop, hitting melodic highs that would make Californians, from the Beach Boys to Pavement, smile with pleasure.