Premiere: Kat Dahlia Breaks Through Heartbreak in Her Video for "Voices In...

Premiere: Kat Dahlia Breaks Through Heartbreak in Her Video for "Voices In My Head"


Kat Dahlia prods into heartbreak in the visual for her latest offering, “Voices in My Head.” The visual opens up normal enough with Dahlia exiting an apartment with champagne, but quickly shows that something is going down as she swigs from the bottle, shoeless. It’s not too unfamiliar to see a girl exiting an apartment shoeless come Sunday morning, but it’s clear Dahlia is going through it as blurred flashbacks bleed into her current reality.

The whole thing pretty much erupts at the chorus when Dahlia breaks down what’s really going: a pretty cut-throat goodbye. She might be feeling pretty destroyed, but she definitely picks herself back up by the video’s end. “I wanted to make ‘Voice In My Head’ feel like everything; A terrible hangover, a lucid non-sensical dream, a break-down and realization of self,” Kat told Complex. “The lyrics talk about everything from my own human internal thoughts and turmoils to the grander subject of Earth’s external health. I also wanted the video to feel like a trippy continuation to my previous video, “Run It Up”.

The video follows Dahlia’s release of her latest EP, 20s, 50s, 100s, and the video release for “Run It Up.” The EP is her first release since she dropped her full length, My Garden, back in 2015 so it’s definitely nice to see her back at it. Watch the premiere of “Voices in My Head” above. For more, revisit our sit down with the singer who opened up to Jinx about her songwriting and that time she met Steve Urkel in a strip club here.