Premiere: Lee Scott And Jehst Murk A Morriarchi Beat On "Campbell And...

Premiere: Lee Scott And Jehst Murk A Morriarchi Beat On "Campbell And Algar"


What with it being officially spring and all (and flatly ignoring the perma-sadface vibe of the British weather), it's about time to start queuing up your 2016 summer-jam playlist. And if you favour bangers decorated with a healthy dose of cynicism, this lush anti-anthem courtesy of two of UK hip-hop's most inimitable voices should kick things off nicely. 

In a satisfying synergy of new school and old guard, “Campbell And Algar” features scene granddady Jehst and irritable Scouse legend Lee Scott on career-affirming form. Both rappers murk this beat altogether too casually—bars stewed in a mix of apathy and arrogance that would probably be really annoying if they weren't so much better than the vast majority of MCs in UK hip-hop. 

This said, the real star here is producer Morriarchi, whose use of a twinkling Rhodes and blunted '90s beats result in a rich, disquieting vibe not unlike Juggaknots' classic “Loosifa”. This joint is taken from his new release Buggsville Sessions, which will surely be rammed full of the sort of fat, luxuriant jams made to bump out of a car window in 90-degree heat. Or, failing that, out of your phone on the N7—just don't sleep on this young beat-maker.