Premiere: Listen To Herve's Crunchy New Single "I Know" From His New...

Premiere: Listen To Herve's Crunchy New Single "I Know" From His New Album


A couple of weeks ago, Hervé served us up a nostalgia-driven throwback to the late-00s electro boom, and the memories came flooding back in a relentless torrent. As it turned out, the man formerly known as The Count Of Monte Cristal had something else in the oven. That something was his new album, Hallucinated Surf (out June 17), and it sees the north London producer at his most eclectic and collaborative. Meridian Dan, Zebra Katz, TT The Artist and Steve Mason all appear on the album but, as great as they are, it was this solo production “I Know” that leapt out at us with its dusty breaks, sawtooth bassline and dense piano melody. 

Hallucinated Surf, we're told, is an album of two parts: “I Know” comes from the first half, a collection of club-ready heaters, while the second half has been designed to soundtrack significant moments and memories in his life. “In summer just before the sun went down,” he said. “There was always this moment of amazing stillness and tranquility. The bird song is off an old VHS recording my brothers and I did of the sun going down.” Make sure you grab the album when it comes out because clearly there's a lot to digest on this one.