Premiere: Stream Ink Project's 'Satellite On' LP In Full

Premiere: Stream Ink Project's 'Satellite On' LP In Full


To get you caught up, Ink Project consists of multi-instrumentalist/producer Jez Lloyd and vocalists Corey Wallace and Melanie Dymond—with guest vocalist FiFi Rong joining them on the hypnotic “You Don't Care”—and on March 11, they release their debut album Satellite On. Mining the realms of '90s Bristol trip-hop, drum & bass, ambient music and more, Ink Project distil all these disparate elements into something way more cohesive than you might think.

The first few tracks combine these elements deftly with cavernous spaces, rich vocals and deep percussion all interweaving and playing off one another. Elsewhere, tracks like “Satellite On” feature a heavy dose of dub encasing those rich vocals. It's not just the sound of dub that runs through this one, but also the spirit and technical approach. Filled with organic, raw samples, you can really here Lloyd's expert use of the studio—as well as a vast range of traditional instruments—as an instrument in its own right. Stream the album in its entirety below.