Premiere: Watch Arrow Benjamin’s Video For "Love and Hate"

Premiere: Watch Arrow Benjamin’s Video For "Love and Hate"


Premiere: Watch Arrow Benjamins Video For "Love and Hate" news

In charting the rise of British singer-songwriter Arrow Benjamin, it's safe to say 2015 will be looked back on as a major turning point. As a featured vocalist on Naughty Boy's Brit-nominated single, “Runnin (Lose It All)”, the south Londoner shared billing with none other than Super Bowl show-stopper Beyoncé. With that single still racking up plays worldwide, it's time for Benjamin to show us what else he's got in store for us this calendar year, starting with “Love and Hate”. Given its first spin last night on BBC 1Xtra, the track's a stellar showcase of Arrow Benjamin's soaring vocal over clashing drums, and wailing chords. Today, we can unveil the official video which features the singer travelling across coast and country. A clever yet subtle visual, it depicts the ever-present thin line between the two most extreme human emotions.