Questlove to Say A Few Words About Prince at 2016 Billboard Music...

Questlove to Say A Few Words About Prince at 2016 Billboard Music Awards


Questlove to Say A Few Words About Prince at 2016 Billboard Music Awards news
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One of the most anticipated performances at tonight’s 2016 Billboard Music Awards is Madonna’s tribute to music icon Prince. While there have been some protest over the pop diva honoring the late guitarist by herself, it appears there will be another musician joining her for the tribute.

According to Billboard, Roots drummer Questlove will be joining the Material Girl during her tribute to the Purple One. Madge personally requested Questo to share a few words about Prince. His introduction will lead into Madonna’s performance at the star-studded ceremony.

There’s no word on what song the 57-year-old veteran singer will perform. Fans have speculated online that Madonna would perform her 1989 duet with Prince called “Love Song” from her Like a Prayer album. But again, nothing has been confirmed.

As for Questlove, if you are a follower of his Instagram account, then you would know that he’s a very knowledgeable about Prince’s music and he shared some of his anecdotal stories about the late icon. His speech will definitely be a nice touch to the performance.

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards will air live from Las Vegas at 8PM ET on ABC.

Check out some of Questlove’s Prince tributes below.


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30 Years Ago Today. Well 30 years & a day ago i was a 15 yr old high school student in philly facing an all too familiar task: "Was Prince worth all this damn trouble?" Had dad just kept cool & minded his own BI, Prince woulda just been a weird dude my sis & her high school pals loved. w/ the exception of the funk synth bass on the coda of "I Wanna Be Your Lover" (& maybe the "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad" riff) I really didn't pay that much attention when I was 8. It was til I heard "no!" 'n "don't" 'n "won't!!!" That I re-filtered my brain to translate "Yes Ahmir! BUY THOSE RECORDS even if we object!!!"—–so I was in a war zone caught between doing the right thing & feeding my musical spirit. If I got caught w Prince in the house it was gonna be CURTAINS. Not to mention the planning that i had to execute owning a Prince album in 86: I had 15 mins to brisk walk to #SoundOfMarket for 9 blocks w/ 5 mins to pay for my product & 10 mins to book back to school before the school knew I was gone. And then hiding my funkon-tra-band was an even HARDER task. Even while practicing drums i'd play different beats to throw off the smell of anything Minniaphunk. (Of course I get caught. & punished) I would just starve myself a few more days to accumulate more spending cash (my lunch money & prince have been pals for years) & acquire more Prince! Just to get caught….. This album man…wow. Just takes me back to a happy place. Where I wasn't a scribe called quest. But just a kid obsessed w how Prince's synesthesia worked and how it skewered my perception of where music could go. I miss the days of Prince record releases being an event in my childhood. Orchestral arrangements were now an adventure. I was playing rim shot AND snare at the same time! So many elements of this album would wind up my own rhythmic trademarks. If you can find it, dig & discover a new world. #utcm #wreckastow

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It was 29 yrs ago today. But before the last non hip hop release that transformed my world. Let's go 9 weeks earlier to when I heard the title cut #SignOTheTimes. I remember 3 things that day: 1) #Power99 premiered it on #BarbraSummers show: it was a snow day (got sent home early, and I remember feelin good I was gonna make 40 bucks shovelin so I prolly was gonna squander it on records & video games) 2) it was the anniversary of the eerie #SpaceShuttleChallenger explosion so the updates and reflection was in heavy action—& mid recap of that clip on tv came another unexpected event—3) the #BudDwyer conference (DO NOT GOOGLE that video—trust) if you were a Philadelphian of age, then you just had a chill remembering what that clip did to all of us. So explosions & suicide wound up being the unavoidable trigger memory when I hear the stark song. Matter of fact: I NEVER PLAY IT.—-Prince's best album & I don't even give it the courtesy of a full listen. I ALWAYS start that baby on #PlayInTheSunshine. I never once considered that once I'd reach maturity & immerse myself in hip hop that Prince releases as "events" would kinda end for me right here. Don't mistake it: I've purchased and absorbed every Prince album the day it comes out. But being 16 is the last age of musical and literal innocence. I mean I had my 1st non music w dad related after school job to deal with & the pressure of college or career & not gettin kicked out the house by the time #Lovesexy came out so NO album release felt this free…not even my own. So unbeknownst to me: if "Just As I Am" by #BillWithers started my journey then #SignOTheTimes was gonna end that 1st phase. It's so special I never tell Prince newbies to start their listening w it. I tell em "save it for last" —& most come back to let me know i was correct. Man that's cool.

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