Read Lady Gaga's Spiritual Tribute to Prince

Read Lady Gaga's Spiritual Tribute to Prince


Read Lady Gaga's Spiritual Tribute to Prince news

Lady Gaga took to her social media accounts this weekend to remember Prince. On Saturday, Gaga tweeted a lyric from and a link to Prince’s “Sign O’ the Times” video along with the message, “Gonna miss u man, thank u 4 all u gave to music and the world.” However, she expanded on her feelings in the aftermath of Prince’s death in an Instagram post Sunday.

“I tend to believe that when we die our souls hover for at least a moment if not longer before they either rest or are recycled into the consciousness of an already living being or maybe a newborn baby,” she wrote in the caption next to a photo of Prince.

“Isn’t it amazing Prince shared his soul with us so deeply before his death, and now after we will be replenished endlessly by both his legacy and all that he still has to give from the beyond,” Gaga continued. “Thank you for sharing your life with us Prince. Giving up your anonymity because you felt compelled to share your gift. We learned so much. You just found God early, he needed you upstairs to innovate in heaven.”

Earlier in the year, Gaga was recruited by the Grammys to remember David Bowie with a medley of that singer’s hits. The singer joins everyone from Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Pearl Jam, Michael Keaton, Michael Jordan, Saturday Night Live and countless more in paying tribute to Prince following his death Thursday at the age of 57.