Remy Ma Spits a Crazy Freestyle on Shade 45

Remy Ma Spits a Crazy Freestyle on Shade 45


Remy Ma is back on the career upswing after her and Fat Joe scored an unexpected hit with “All the Way Up.” Now, they’re doing press to promote their new song “Cookin” with French Montana. Remy stopped by Shade 45 to do exactly that, but couldn’t leave without dropping a nice little freestyle along the way. Although it’s only a minute long, Remy uses her time on the mic to remind us just why we missed her.

“I ain’t even gotta try hard, these hoes diarrhea/They shit watery, get the fuck out of here,” she spits. “Bulletproof everything, not just the vest/Fuck what you think, I’m aiming just for your chest/Headshots like I’m taking pics for the press/Lay hands on the bitch, now who wanna get blessed/I’m trying to see what’s up, yeah I’m about a check/It’s the school of hard knocks, I done passed every test.”

Remy and Fat Joe’s joint album Platas o Plomo (which translates to Money or Bullets in Spanish) is currently in the works. Although it doesn’t have a release date as of yet, its garnered more buzz than either artist has had in a long while, exciting fans of the veteran NYC rappers. “I’m super excited about [the album],” Fat Joe said back in February. “The album is ridiculous. So we’ve been working musically like crazy.”

While you wait for their full project to finally make it to the shelves, you can check out Remy Ma’s killer freestyle for Shade 45 in the video above.