Rick Ross Doesn't Look Back On New Song "No U-Turns"

Rick Ross Doesn't Look Back On New Song "No U-Turns"


Rick Ross Doesn't Look Back On New Song "No U Turns" news

Rick Ross wants you to know that there's no going back from your choices. On his new song "No U-Turns," Ross warns any would-be traitors to watch their backs. "Ain't no u-turns on my block/Switch sides, you'd better stay there," he spits on the chorus. "Tunnel vision/It's time to stumble on a hundred million/I still remember niggas pissing in the project buildings/It's do or die, momma said can't have no feelings/Cuz all them pretty boys in caskets never been appealing." The track is classic Ross, with drug-dealing boasts and gruff rhymes.

Rick Ross has been a busy man. He recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of his debut album Port of Miami, which also become his first platinum album earlier this year. To celebrate the milestone, he sat down with Tidal for a series of reflections on the project's influence. "Port of Miami definitely impact the industry just from the sound and the producers that it spawned. The runners became some of the biggest producers in the game… Other than that I let the work speak for itself," he said in the interview. He also put on a Tidal X concert to honor the album's legacy. You can check that out here.

There's currently no word on when we'll be getting Rick Ross' next album, but if "No U-Turns" is any indication that he's been in the lab, then it could be on its way at any time.

Until more news surfaces, you can stream Rick Ross' "No U-Turns' below via SoundCloud.