Robyn to Debut Remix Project at Festival Gigs

Robyn to Debut Remix Project at Festival Gigs


Robyn to Debut Remix Project at Festival Gigs news

Robyn kicks off a brief North American tour Saturday at the Boston Calling, and for the Swedish singer’s three upcoming festival gigs, she’ll revisit some of her biggest singles as part of a remix project that she’ll debut live onstage.

For the performances, Robyn invited nine producers – some of her favorite artists in dance music, including Cassius, Wolfgang Voigt and Mr. Tophat – to remix her tracks. She’ll then perform those new versions at her festival gigs at Boston Calling, New York’s Governors Ball and Toronto’s Field Trip.

“Remixes make me listen to a song in a different way; they stretch you out as a listener and leave space for other things that a pop song usually doesn’t,” Robyn said in a statement. “I hope to be able to share this experience with my audiences at Governors Ball, Boston Calling, and Field Trip over the next week and just dancing together…”

Robyn will release the remixes from the festival in the coming month, her website promises.

Check out the producers reimagining Robyn tracks below:

Axel Boman – “Hang With Me”
Cassius – “Dancing On My Own”
Harry – “Choo Choo” Romero “Love Kills”
Joakim – “With Every Heartbeat”
Mr. Tophat – “Main Thing”
The Black Madonna – “Indestructible”
The Mekanism – “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do”
Wolfgang Voigt – “Who Do You Love?”
Zhala & Heal the World – “Stars 4 Ever”