Snoop Dogg Is Definitely Not Watching the ‘Roots’ Premiere Tonight

Snoop Dogg Is Definitely Not Watching the ‘Roots’ Premiere Tonight


Snoop Dogg Is Definitely Not Watching the Roots Premiere Tonight news

It looks like Snoop Dogg is enjoying the holiday by kicking back in his house and watching some TV, but it sounds like he definitely will not be tuning into the premiere of History’s Roots remake tonight. Snoop took a second to share a message with his fans on social media and said he just can’t watch movies anymore that depict black people “getting dogged out,” beaten, or abused at the hands of slavery.

12 Years a Slave, Roots, Underground… I can’t watch none of that shit,” he says. “They’re going to just keep beating that shit in our heads how they did us, huh? I don’t understand America. They just want to keep showing the abuse we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago. But guess what? We’re taking the same abuse. Think about that part.”

Snoop goes on to say that slavery is not the only subject matter that is suitable for movies and wonders aloud when Hollywood is going to make something about black people’s success.

Fans are flooding Snoop’s post with responses both in agreement and disagreement. “Thank you @snoopdogg. I can’t take it anymore. Yes, we should know where we came from but got damn. We, blacks and whites and whoever else suffered from the same history, need to move past it,” one Instagram follower commented. Other commenters point out that it’s Hollywood’s fault for continuing to use slavery as their source material. And some voiced their hopes that the remake affects people as profoundly as the 1977, nine-time Emmy-winning show impacted them.

Read up on why Roots is still important here and let us know if you agree with Snoop in the comments below.