South Korean R&B Singer DEAN ‘Turns Up’ For His First Concert in...

South Korean R&B Singer DEAN ‘Turns Up’ For His First Concert in New York City


South Korean R&B Singer DEAN Turns Up For His First Concert in New York City news

South Korean R&B singer DEAN brought the house down at Flash Factory in New York last weekend. Although DEAN’s first concert in NYC didn’t come without a few hiccups including a last minute venue change. (The show was originally set to happen at the Copacabana.)

After waiting in line for at least three hours, fans were forced to find their way twenty blocks downtown to gain a place near the stage again. According to DEAN’s promotional team, SIVA, the famed Copacabana had technical difficulties including sound issues. A lucky hundred fans were able to meet, greet and take a photo with DEAN before the announcement.

But nothing, not even waiting in the rain, could stop fans from seeing their favorite singer take the stage — especially since it’s unknown when the international star will be back on this side of the world again. And after a successful soundcheck at The Flash Factory, it seems that SIVA’s team was able to pull off a miracle by securing a new venue within a few hours. Not to mention, the new digs allowed them to sell an extra 200 tickets for the originally sold-out show.

Instead of 7PM, the showtime was pushed back to 9PM, but it didn’t take long for the hour-and-a-half show to begin. SIVA’s first artist, Milan, took the stage to perform some of his catchy hip-hop tracks. The young rhymer, who performed in New York for the first time over the weekend, was the Top 9 contestant from rap competition, Show Me The Money LA during its fifth season.

Afterwards, another impressive rapper by the name of Cheech Bundy took the stage. The native New Yorker layed bars in his short performance including in the Illmind-produced “This is 4.” “I’m happy ya’ll are f—— with the real hip-hop,” he said to the cheering crowd. But there was only so much more waiting the audience could do for the main act of the night. Like DEAN’s producer name, Deanfluenza, his fans are crazed with their love for the 23-year-old singer. And for good reason.

DEAN took the stage shortly before 10PM to a happily screaming mass of about 1,000 people. It was just him and his adoring fans when he said the two words that his fans have been waiting to hear: “Let’s go.”

He started off with the smooth Anderson .Paak-featured hit, “Put My Hands on You.” The song, which had every audience member singing along, has gained over one million views on YouTube. “We’re here, it’s time to turn up right?” he asked the crowd who readily screamed “yes” back.

It wasn’t long before the space became intimate as the red lights overlayed DEAN when he serenaded the crowd as he worked his way through his debut EP, 130 Mood: TRBL . Not only did he provide smooth tones with “Half Ocean,” “What to Do” and “Bonnie & Clyde” DEAN provided some killer gliding moves in “21” and “Bonnie & Clyde.” But it was the last song that brought it all together — the Eric Bellinger-featured track, “I’m Not Sorry.”

In the song, DEAN boasts that he’s “just getting started” and that he’s “turning up” — just as the up-and-comer asked the crowd to do in the beginning. But of course that wasn’t enough for his fans, so it wasn’t long before they were screaming for an encore. DEAN luckily obliged and came back to perform the last track from his EP, “I Love It.”

Check out some footage from the show below.