Spotify Team Up With crowdDJ For Crowd-Sourced Jukeboxes

Spotify Team Up With crowdDJ For Crowd-Sourced Jukeboxes


Another day, another nail in SoundCloud's coffin. Last week, we reported that Apple Music had reached a landmark agreement with Dubset Media to allow users to upload their own remixes, bootlegs and DJ mixes with the original artist being recompensed. Then, it was announced that SoundCloud would, in their own way, attempt to follow suit—or at least top up the coffers for music publishers—by introducing a subscription service. Now, it's been announced, Spotify have announced a deal with Australian background music company Nightlife and their crowdDJ app.

The upshot is that users in a venue like a bar or pub will be able to select tracks and add them to the venue's queued tracks list. At present, the app is restricted to Australia. However, they've rolled out in a pretty large range of venues; not just bars and pubs. 250 venues, including bowling alleys, gyms and just about anywhere public that might have a stereo, have all been signed up to the project so far and Nightlife CEO David O'Rourke has said that “these revenue opportunities will flow through to artists”. In other words, artists will now receive royalties when their music's played in a public place. And, if the music choices at your local have been particularly flames that day, the app will allow you to save the playlist so you can revisit your poor decisions with the power of music.

[via FACT]