Stephen Colbert Gives Nelly Financial Advice With "Debt in Herre" on 'The...

Stephen Colbert Gives Nelly Financial Advice With "Debt in Herre" on 'The Late Show'


If you're a real Nelly fan, then you probably just finished your thousandth consecutive spin of his 2002 classic "Hot in Herre." Nelly, as the hashtag #SaveNelly has likely already informed you, kinda owes a couple million bucks to needy-ass Uncle Sam. The internet has banded together to possibly save Nelly with some dedicated streaming action, but apparently what this minor debt fiasco has been lacking is an updated version of "Hot in Herre" from beloved American recording artist Stephen Colbert.

"Luckily, Nelly fans have come to the rescue," Colbert told his Late Show audience on Wednesday. "By listening to his single 'Hot in Herre' over and over again, fans have figured out that with Spotify paying an artist six-tenths of a cent per stream, he needs it played at least 402,880,500 times to settle his bill. That is a lot." Excellent math, Stephen. That is indeed a lot.

But Stephen is always down to provide allegedly shrewd financial advice, hence why dude updated "Hot in Herre" to be all about the woes of owing Uncle Sam some serious stacks. "Now Nelly, I wanna help you," Colbert said. "So I went over your numbers with my accountant Wendy and she was quite alarmed and has got some advice for you."

But just how serious is Nelly's current situation? According to TMZ, Nelly was slapped with a $2,412,283 federal tax lien in August. Additionally, Nelly reportedly owes the Missouri Department of Revenue an estimated $149,511 stemming from unpaid taxes originally due in 2013. Sources also confirmed to TMZ that Nelly is already working closely with the IRS to get this hopefully minor setback resolved, meaning Colbert's song may not have been needed after all.

But, by all means, please keeping incessantly spinning "Hot in Herre."