Stephen Colbert Parodies Kanye West's Appearance on Ellen

Stephen Colbert Parodies Kanye West's Appearance on Ellen


In case you are one of the few who missed out on the viral clip, Kanye West appeared on the the popular daytime talk show Ellen earlier this week and gave an eight-minute long speech—some have classified it as a rant—about how he feels he’d be able to make the world a better place given the right resources. It was classic Kanye in every way, with the rapper dropping nuggets like, “I have ideas that can make the human race’s existence within our hundred years better,” and admitting that yes, it probably wasn’t the best move to ask Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $53 million over Twitter (as Ellen ribs, Facebook would’ve been the better move).

One person who definitely caught the appearance was Late Show host Stephen Colbert, who took a few moments on his show to “defend” West’s screed with a rant of his own. “I have ideas that can make human existence better, period, end of sentence, punctuation, semi-colon, ellipses, parenthesis,” Colbert declared. “I wanna make better hot dog buns. People say ‘that’s crazy’ at a party when I talk about hot dog buns, but when I was in second grade I ate hot dogs. I called Oscar Meyer. I’m like, ‘We gotta make better buns that match the length of the hot dog!'”

Not all of Colbert’s thoughts were hot dog-related, of course. “Picasso is dead, Walt Disney is dead. Sleeping Beauty? Not dead, just looks dead,” he observed. “Somebody kiss me. I’m a pretty girl, where’s my castle? Where’s my apple? I was raised by wolves! Tarzan was my nanny!”

Check out Colbert’s parody above and Kanye’s original interview with Ellen down below.