Syd tha Kyd Opens Up About Her Battle With Depression, Her Sexuality,...

Syd tha Kyd Opens Up About Her Battle With Depression, Her Sexuality, and Leaving Odd Future


The Internet's Syd tha Kyd first made a name for herself as part of the Odd Future gang. In a revealing interview with The New York Times, Syd opens up about her difficult decision to leave Odd Future, her battle with depression, and her sexuality. Her depression, she says, took a heavy toll on her while she was touring with the group and was so far away from her family and then girlfriend. Unfortunately, she says she couldn't talk about it with her current band members—other than Matt Martin, who is now also her band member in the Internet. “We weren’t all that close, and they never seemed to want to hear it,” she says.

Meanwhile, Syd was receiving criticism from the gay community for being part of the group. “The gay community hated me for being part of Odd Future,” she says. “They thought Odd Future was homophobic because they tend to use homophobic slang, and they were like, ‘How can you work for and support homophobes?’ But they aren’t homophobic; they just don’t really care whether you’re offended or not.”

Her decision to leave Odd Future was not an easy one, either. “They weren’t happy about it. I was their get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s easy to say they aren’t homophobic because Syd is there.” Still, the move paid off and now, Syd's the Internet is viewed as one of the most versatile and dynamic collectives out. They released one of the best albums of 2015 with Ego Death, which was also nominated for a Grammy. Even better, any tension between her and Odd Future has faded. Tyler, the Creator recently shared his admiration for her on Twitter. You can read the rest of the NYT feature on Syd here. For more on the Internet, watch them absolutely smash their recent and rare performance of “Get Away” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.