T.I. Gets Uncomfortable on 'The Eric Andre Show' and It's Hilarious

T.I. Gets Uncomfortable on 'The Eric Andre Show' and It's Hilarious [VIDEO]


T.I. carries himself as a very serious guy, so his recent appearance on Adult Swim’s bizarre late-night talkie, The Eric Andre Show, is a head scratcher.

For those who are unfamiliar with The Eric Andre Show, it’s an insane parody of late night talk shows. Funnyman Eric Andre is the host along with fellow comedian Hannibal Buress. On every episode, Andre can be seen crashing into desks, walls and other things while asking weird questions to his guests. Oh, and occasionally, you might see a penis or two. No big deal.

On the latest episode, T.I. is the guest and once he hits the stage hilarity ensues. While on the couch, Tip gets various pranks pulled on him including a zombie crashing through the floor to grab his legs. On top of that, during their conversation, Andre decides to masterbate with a fake penis through his desk.

All of these madcap pranks make T.I. very uncomfortable, but surprisingly, he remains cool. That is, until a naked white man appears from behind the curtains with his penis showing (Do you notice a theme here?).

Understandably, the Grand Hustle leader leaves the set without saying good-bye. “I’m out this bitch,” he says as he exits the building.

Now it’s unclear if T.I. was in on the jokes or not. Either way, the Atlanta rapper was here for Eric Andre’s dumb jokes.

Watch the hilarious video above. It’s truly a WTF moment.

Fair warning, the clip is NSFW because of the, well, you know.