T.I. Says Donald Trump Doesn't Care About Black Lives

T.I. Says Donald Trump Doesn't Care About Black Lives


This just in: T.I. still has a major problem with Donald Trump. While leaving LAX on Monday, the Atlanta rapper was asked if he thought black lives mattered to the Republican presidential nominee. And his answer was not at all surprising.

“Is that a trick question?” T.I. asked a TMZ cameraman. “Absolutely not. I don’t believe any lives matter to him except the ones that look, act, and operate like his.”

As Tip made his way to his car, he was approached by another man who said “[Trump] wants to make America great again. I’m saying to myself, ‘When was America great?'” The rapper then explained why he had a problem with that slogan, insisting the United States’ past was anything but “great.”

“Whatever time it is, you either had slavery, women couldn’t vote, black people weren’t considered an entire citizen, segregation, crack epidemic, which was funded and initiated by the Contra scandal. All of these times in America were some shit times for us. So whatever he’s trying to get back to is some shit we need to get far away from.”

During a performance stop in South Africa this past March, T.I. released a short video message for Trump. And let’s just say it was far from subtle. The rapper expressed disdain for the presidential hopeful, insisting he would never get support from his fans. He also included, “Fuck you and fuck what you stand for.”

You can check out the TMZ video above.