TDE's Punch Drops the Sobering Track "40 Years"

TDE's Punch Drops the Sobering Track "40 Years"


TDE's Punch Drops the Sobering Track "40 Years" news

TDE's president Punch is usually more focused on the inner workings of one of hip-hop's favorite labels, but every once in a while he liberates a little something of his own. He appeared on "untitled 05 | 09.21.2014," off Kendrick Lamar's untitled, unmastered. earlier this year, and now he's back with his latest track "40 Years."

The song tells a devastating story about the decades of violence that has devastated his home town of Watts, Calif. Punch included a note about the issue in his SoundCloud posting. "This song is dedicated to the 40 something year civil war that has ripped Watts, C.A., apart. A war between families divided by the train tracks. My heart goes out to all of us who have lost someone due to this war," he wrote. 

The lyrics tell harrowing tales of this violence. "Uno momento/Get them kids out the window/Bullets ain't got no names, and they don't care who they go into," he raps. "Moment of silence for this moment of violence/Niggas is out here wild'n/Shell casings in the sand box/Walls tatted with fragments on top of taggings/Rival hoods getting whacked out, combative savages/Damaged goods, that's how they packaged us."

Whether or not we'll actually see a full-length Punch project anytime soon remains to be seen. He discussed the possibility back in March, sounding pretty confident. "I think I'mma do a project for sure," he said. "I think I'm going to finally finish it because I write a lot and I record every so often. I think I'm just gonna go ahead and knock it out at this point… Before, it was like, 'OK, I write a little bit, I can rap. Let me put it down for fun, it's cool.' At this point, it's starting to turn into a burning. I really want to do it now." Since then, however, we haven't heard too much. Hopefully "40 Years" is the start of something big for him.

You can stream Punch's "40 Years" below via SoundCloud.