The Best GIFs From Drake's "Childs Play" Video

The Best GIFs From Drake's "Childs Play" Video


Drake has upped the ante with his "Childs Play" video. The 12-minute clip plays out more like a short film co-starring Tyra Banks in the opening scene at—where else—Cheesecake Factory, who gets into an argument with Drake. Before you know it, he's got cake (and wine) all over his face. 

The second setting in the "Childs Play" video takes place at the strip club where Drake and his OVO crew turn up for the night. Guess that's a way to take your mind off a stressful outing at one of your favorite restaurants. The whole visual makes for some entertaining moments, and you can check out some of the best ones below in GIF form. We're guessing he's got a lot more in store for his upcoming short film Please Forgive Me.

Straight fed up.

Cake to the face.

And a little wine for the road.

When you know you fucked up.


Wipe me down.

That moment the gawd OB OBrien shows up.

In formation.


Feelin' it in the club.

The Champagnepapi dance.


Yeah… we'll end it here 💀