The Director of 'Biggie & Tupac' and 'Kurt & Courtney' Is Making...

The Director of 'Biggie & Tupac' and 'Kurt & Courtney' Is Making a Documentary About Whitney Houston


Nick Broomfield is one of the most acclaimed documentary makers in the world. You might know him from making Biggie & Tupac, which ended with his scary AF interview with Suge Knight, or Kurt & Courtney, where he investigated the rumour that Courtney Love was responsible for Kurt Cobain’s murder. He’s also made films about subjects as wide as serial killers, fetish clubs and Sarah Palin.

Now his latest subject has been announced as the late Whitney Houston. The film, titled just Whitney, will be made for BBC Two and according to the press release will see Broomfield go “in search of the forces that made and then destroyed the singer who has been described as having one of the greatest voices of the last 50 years.” Don’t expect a simple eulogy like last year’s Amy Winehouse film though — Broomfield is known for his brash, confrontational investigative style, and his documentaries are rarely not controversial.

Check out our interview with Broomfield for his last film, Tales Of the Grim Sleeper.

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