The Internet Is Ruthlessly Roasting This Kanye West Look-Alike

The Internet Is Ruthlessly Roasting This Kanye West Look-Alike


The Internet Is Ruthlessly Roasting This Kanye West Look Alike news

The life of a look-alike is not always easy. First of all, most people don’t actively choose to look vaguely similar to someone. After all, all the nonsense we see with our fault-prone eyes is hella subjective. But when Twitter catches on to a burgeoning look-alike, things like mercy and restraint are often ignored outright in the name of getting these jokes off.

Enter this guy, who some say kinda sorta (barely?) looks like Kanye West. The mystery dude has quickly and enthusiastically received the pun treatment by way of ‘Ye’s entire catalog, with people getting said jokes off to the pun-adjusted tune of classics like “Can’t Tell Me Nothin,'” “All of the Lights,” and even “The New Workout Plan.”

Damn. Twitter is mean AF sometimes all the time. But there is indeed a silver lining to getting mildly roasted on Twitter for supposedly looking like someone more famous than yourself: a nice slice of fame you can call your own! Just ask this dude:

That’s beloved (re: washed) Russian Leonardo DiCaprio doppelgänger Roman Burtsev, who has successfully turned his viral sensation status into an admirable side-job. Burtsev has landed a sweet spot on a popular regional reality show and a high-profile appearance in a sleek Pyat Ozer vodka ad.​ Not bad at all.

What will become of the latest viral doppelgänger? Stay tuned and/or saddle up to give this man an endorsement deal yourself. The choice is yours.