The Story Behind That Time Conor McGregor Crashed Jennifer Lopez's Birthday Party

The Story Behind That Time Conor McGregor Crashed Jennifer Lopez's Birthday Party


In the world of UFC, it's pretty clear that Conor McGregor doesn't move silently. And that apparently applies to everything he does. In a recent interview with The Irish Independent, McGregor's coach John Kavanagh remembered the time the UFC champ and him crashed Jennifer Lopez's 47th birthday bash in July, and totally stole the show. 

As Kavanagh told the story, it's all about who you know. And since McGregor was good buddies with Cristiano Ronaldoan invited guest at J.Lo's party, he thought it would be cool if he "tagged along."

"We go in and J-Lo catches his eye and comes running over like a schoolgirl ‘Oh! Conor McGregor! Thank you for coming. Let’s dance,'” Kavanagh recalled. "She drags him to the dance floor, and they start dancing and I’m like ‘Oh, here we go, just another crazy story.’"


Happy birthday J!👏🎂😘

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But while McGregor lit up the dance floor with the birthday girl, Kavanagh had some good fun of his own, rough housing with Ronaldo. "Ronaldo is there. He comes over, tells me that he reads everything [I write] and follows me on Instagram. I’m thinking wait until I tell my dad about this," he continued. "Yeah, it was like a drunk party, I’ll tell you this. But it was very enjoyable," the MMA coach said, recalling a highlight moment when the soccer star put him in a headlock. 

McGregor may be a hated man inside the ring, but the music industry seems to love him. In addition to making J.Lo a Team McGregor fan, the UFC fighter has been spotted chopping it up with the likes of Drake, Katy Perry, and Bono in the last couple of months. We'll just have to see if J.Lo returns the favor and crashes the UFC 205 event come Nov. 12.