There Was Only One Well-Dressed Man Walking the BBMAs' Magenta Carpet

There Was Only One Well-Dressed Man Walking the BBMAs' Magenta Carpet


There Was Only One Well Dressed Man Walking the BBMAs' Magenta Carpet news

The Billboard Music Awards isn’t necessarily known as a beacon of incredible celebrity style. Because the show doesn’t lend itself to fashion statements, like the Met Gala, and doesn’t attract the eyeballs of something like the Grammys or Oscars, people tend to go one of two ways: simple and safe (read: boring) or reaching for attention with over-the-top ‘fits.

That losing formula played out almost perfectly tonight and left us with only one person we seriously considered well-dressed: Shawn Mendes, who is…*Googles* a Canadian singer-songwriter who had the very distinct honor of previewing Demna Gvasalia’s menswear range at Balencaiaga, according to The New York Times‘ Vanessa Friedman.

The awards didn’t give us much to work with. Nick Jonas put together an outfit—navy biker jacket and crisp white shirt underneath—that, when compared to his brother, Joe, shows you how to wear a leather jacket the right and wrong way. But if we just start comparing everyone to Joe, in a bewildering leather Moschino situation that matched his DNCE bandmates, then the best dressed list would be overcrowded real fast. Wiz Khalifa would have made that list. The rapper reprised the white suit look he wore at the Met Gala, but instead of the winning sleek and fitted style he went with there, he chose a jacket that looked more akin to a robe he’d wear around the house during his most relaxing moments. In Wiz’s defense, that does fit his brand to a T, though, and we’ll give him a second place finish for that.

And, if we’re all being really honest with ourselves, did Kesha pull off a menswear look better than anyone else tonight? Quite possibly.

That leaves us with only one dude: Shawn Mendes. The singer wins by process of elimination, and because Gvasalia clearly believes in the power of the Cool Teen, even if said teen hasn’t popped up to heavily on our radar yet. The black-on-black-on-black suit doesn’t necessarily blow us out of the water, but it whets our appetite for what should be many more out-of-the-box styles come Balenciaga’s first menswear show in June.

Congratulations, we guess, Mr. Mendes.