This Is How Your Favorite Rappers Celebrated Mother’s Day

This Is How Your Favorite Rappers Celebrated Mother’s Day


This Is How Your Favorite Rappers Celebrated Mother’s Day news

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year set aside in honor of mom and motherhood. People from all over the world have been sharing childhood photos and memories of their mother to celebrate on social media. Rappers, just like us, took some time today to post messages on Instagram that illustrate how much they care for their mom. From Kanye West to Jeezy to 2 Chainz, we gathered some of the best tributes across the ‘gram and Twitter. Happy Mother’s Day!



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Chanel West Coast

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing moms out there especially my own! My mom raised me all on her own with no child support and she worked her ass off to make sure I had everything I needed as a child. She is the coolest and funniest mom there is. She is why I have such a great sense of humor and such a good work ethic. She raised me to be hard working, loyal, honest, and loving and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without her. She supported all of my dreams since day 1. When everyone told me I couldn’t be a rapper my mom always had my back and supported me even though she loves her heavy metal and really doesn’t like rap music lol. My mom is the mom every person wishes for. The ultimate mix of a mom and a friend. She gave me a ton of freedom as a kid but also gave me rules and kept me in line. We had hard times when we couldn’t even afford a burger but we also had good times when she was able to spoil me with nice things. We had our ups and downs but always pulled through and made it work as a team. My mom is the sweetest and friendliest human and she is also a rider. The type of person to befriend everyone and give every homeless person she sees a dollar yet also the type of person who takes no shit and will knock you out if you disrespect her. I get my toughness from her. I thank you mom for raising me to be so tough. That is one of the traits you passed down to me that has helped me the most in life. Thank you for teaching me to love everyone and be a good person and also how to hold my ground. I hope today you have the most amazing day ever because you truly are the best mom ever! Love you to death! 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️ #HappyMothersDay #MyMomsPurpleFringeJacketIsFireTho #HappyIGrewIntoMyBigHead #BestMomEver #BestFriend #LoveYou

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Soulja Boy

Young Thug


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Nicki Minaj


Happy Mother’s Day mom and all the other great moms out there❤️

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The Game

Hey mama… with your good looking self, ole bomb ass mama you. You a hustler mama, you was father & mother mama… You ain’t take shit from nobody mama… Remember that one time you beat Yolonda ass for tryna be my daddy side bitch mama… Sorry for telling yo business mama… But you krazy mama… Floyd Mayweather on a bitch mama… You left that nigga after that mama… You taught me how to be a Gangsta & even if no one understands… It’s cool mama, they don’t get us mama.. You my best friend mama… I fuck wit you the long way mama… Raised all of us in the Compton streets by yourself & showed all of us how to be independent & take care of our own selves… You da shit mama !!! I love you mama, you always make everything ok mama…. You so cool mama… I would send you flowers but you say they die in 5 days & you’d rather use that money to buy a weeks worth of Wing Stop.. You funny mama… You my nigga mama… Nobody would understand our relationship… This just us mama… I’m yo son mama… I love how you love me mama… Keep on keepin on wit yo bad ass mama & enjoy your Mother’s Day knowing your son got you until the day I die….. “My only wish is that I beat you to the dirt” – I love you Mama

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2 Chainz


My Goal in Life is to Make you Proud. I Love You Mom. #happymothersday

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Snoop Dogg

Love u mamma. 💝✨🌹💫💕🌟. Happy. C day. 🎁🌸💐🌹💕✨

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Meek Mill

The realist …..nobody will b there like ya momma! Remember that!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Kanye West