This Video of Rick Ross Trying to Get On a Horse Is...

This Video of Rick Ross Trying to Get On a Horse Is Hilariously Necessary Viewing


Rick Ross is always up to something goofy. In Monday's edition, he decides to ride a horse for the first time. The video, obtained by TMZ, shows him struggling to mount the horse as he receives instructions from the handler. Luckily, all the working out has been doing well for him—shout out to all the pears—and he eventually manages to hoist himself up. "You been working out for this," one of his friends laughs. As he gets on, the horse begins to gallop away a bit, but luckily Ross takes the reigns and handles things from there. "Oh we moving. We moving. Young Chapo," he exclaims.

Obviously, people had some jokes about the whole spectacle.

Where would our world be without videos of Rick Ross doing random stuff? It's frankly something we wouldn't even like to consider. A few months ago, he was spotted parasailing in France, and of course he decided to rock his extremely expensive gold chain during the entire escapade. Ross is truly a hip-hop treasure, and even the horse looks like it knows how lucky it is to be in his presence.

You can check out the entire video above.