Tyrese Breaks Up Argument Between Lyfe Jennings and David Banner During Police...

Tyrese Breaks Up Argument Between Lyfe Jennings and David Banner During Police Reform Panel


Following the recent police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, activists and celebrities alike have remained adamant in their outspoken pursuit of national police reform. Hundreds of citizens and high-profile celebrities took to the House of Hope church in Georgia Tuesday for a town hall discussion on the racially fueled tactics of police officers, with WSB-TV reporting that Lyfe Jennings and David Banner didn’t exactly see eye to eye on how to handle the issue of cops’ egregious behavior.

“You sound crazy,” Jennings is heard saying to Banner. “I’m going to tell you, you sound crazy! What we’re going through is crazy but we ain’t going to create more of it by telling these people to bring guns against the police. That’s stupid.” As the disagreement progresses, Tyrese stands up to intervene. “Hold on,” he said. “What y’all not going to do is stand up while my daughter is here.”

Early Wednesday, Banner took to Twitter to ensure everyone that the two simply had a disagreement and nothing more:

Lyfe Jennings also retweeted several of Banner’s tweets, including one aimed directly at WSB-TV for being “part of the problem.”

Tyrese has frequently used his platform to speak out on police reform issues, recently telling TMZ that the #BlackLivesMatter movement inspired him to set aside his differences with ex-wife Norma. The two, who have a 9-year-old daughter together, reportedly had a “long, heartfelt talk” about the need for “black families to band together.”