Usain Bolt Strikes the Dancefloor In New Music Video

Usain Bolt Strikes the Dancefloor In New Music Video


Just in case you were confused about who the real fastest man on the planet is, Usain Bolt proved it again by easily handling his Olympic competition in Rio this week, grabbing his third consecutive gold medal in the mens 100m. While his times were fast (including finishing one race in 9.86 seconds), Bolt is known world wide for his record of 9.58 seconds in the 100m, which he accomplished in Berlin in 2009, beating his previous record of 9.69.

Bolt even used 9.58 as the title of his 2010 autobiography, and ahead of the Rio Olympics, Virgin Media embarked on their own campaign centered around Bolt’s 9.58 seconds. Their idea was to highlight just how fast 9.58 seconds is based on a number of vignettes that are, you guessed it, 9.58 seconds long, all in a hope that you’d want to use their broadband internet service. Check out the spot.

What does any of this have to do with Usain Bolt going hard in a Jamaican dancehall? Well, the music from the commercial actually comes from a London-based production duo known as the Arch Birds, who created the perfectly-titled single “Be the Fastest” (which features vocals from Vanessa Haynes) after being inspired Usain Bolt. The best part? The official video for the single features Bolt front and center on the dancefloor, going ham. If you hadn’t hit play on the video up above, here are some choice GIFs from the spot.

Take a bow, Usain. If you really are retiring in 2017, you deserve all of the props for shocking the world while being true to yourself and your country.