Watch a Drummer Do a Backflip Mid-Solo

Watch a Drummer Do a Backflip Mid-Solo


Watch a Drummer Do a Backflip Mid Solo news

Aric Improta | Kitflip (Backflip Between 2 Drum Kits)

We’ve seen Black Hippy rapper Jay Rock do a backflip during a freestyle. We’ve seen Tommy Lee flip his drum kit with the help of modern science. Now, Night Verses drummer Aric Improta is taking the next great leap – literally – in the field of flipping musicians, upping the ante for topsy-turvy rockers everywhere with this video (via Sploid).

With his handy GoPro strapped to his chest, the drummer has successfully documented springing from one kit to the next, a move he has dubbed the “kitflip.” And, sure, it’s impressive that he pulled it off mid-solo, but what’s even more amazing is that he did it without killing himself. We are very glad to see this stunt successfully completed on YouTube…as opposed to, say, Rob Dyrdek guffawing at the drummer who split his head open on a rack tom.

Check Aric’s YouTube page for more percussion feats including a 360 spin or just some edits of sick playing.