Watch Angry Fans Confront Tyga and Tell Him He ‘Sold His Soul...

Watch Angry Fans Confront Tyga and Tell Him He ‘Sold His Soul to the Devil’


Tyga has been having a bit of a rough time recently, but according to these two fans, it’s all the devil’s work. In wild footage obtained by TMZ, two very angry women confronted the rapper outside the Argyle nightclub in Hollywood. They fought their way past his security to shout at him about how he had “sold his soul to the devil.” They blocked his Ferrari from leaving the nightclub as they shouted about his son King.

When asked what caused their outburst, all they had to say was that the controversy wasn’t about Kylie or any of the other celebrity drama, but rather about is son. One of the women also claimed “I would have been his wife” before the pair stormed away dramatically. So far there’s no word on who they might be or why they were so angry, but the outburst is certainly something to watch.

Issues continue to pile up for the embattled rapper and boyfriend of Kylie Jenner. He was nearly arrested after missing a court date related to a lawsuit brought against him by a former landlord. He ended up striking a deal in that case, but is now also reportedly being sued by a celebrity jeweler to recoup a $200,000 debt. His former landlord also claimed that the Mercedes-Maybach he purchased for Kylie Jenner for her birthday amounted to a “fraudulent transfer of assets.” On top of all that, he recently incurred the wrath of the internet after releasing his single “Trap Pussy.” Commenters clowned on him for the artwork and the quality of the song. So far, he’s been fairly silent about all the drama and the soul-selling allegations.

The devil could not immediately be reached for comment.