Watch Gwen Stefani and Peter Dinklage Rap About 'Space Pants' on SNL

Watch Gwen Stefani and Peter Dinklage Rap About 'Space Pants' on SNL


The New York City mafia might not be as powerful as it once was, but it still has some important business to do. Whether that is taking on the Islamic State in lieu of the inefficient FBI, directly influencing some of the best New York City rap out there, or providing Golden California Boy Leonardo DiCaprio with some valuable material for more projects, it is not something to be taken lightly.

In a sketch on last night's Saturday Night Live, the cast decided to play with the traditional setting of a good old mafia threat in a dimly lit restaurant. Bobby Moynihan plays the lead mobster who puts a gun underneath a napkin to sort problems out with the other mobsters played by Beck Bennett, Jon Rudnitsky, and Pete Davidson.

Things don't go as planned though, as Peter Dinklage takes to the stage to perform a number, which usually serves as the perfect time to shoot someone in a mafia movie. He starts doing a robot dance to a generic '80s electronic backing track and introduces the song as “Space Pants.”

Sporting a metallic silver lamé jacket (and of course pants with planets on them), Peter shows off his surprisingly good rap skills with poetic lyrics such as, “Look at my pants with the eyes in your face, my legs are covered in outer space.” Just when you think it couldn't get weirder, Dinklage is then joined onstage by none other than Gwen Stefani who contributes lines like, “My pants are from a galaxy far, far away.” Watch all go down in the clip above.