Watch Justin Bieber Give a Tour of His Swanky L.A. Mansion

Watch Justin Bieber Give a Tour of His Swanky L.A. Mansion


Justin Bieber took BBC Radio 1's Clara Amfo around his L.A. mansion and his home is probably better than anyone imagined.

"Go in the pool. I got this awesome water slide. There's a lot of fish in here so I go bass fishing," he says pointing to his own personal pond. He also has a row boat he takes out rowing every morning where he listens to music and prays. There's also a mountain right in his backyard that he likes to hike up to go chill under the Wisdom Tree at the top.

It all sounds pretty zen until Bieber moves the tour over by his pool where he has a massive double water slide that he got the day before this interview for his little sister. Soon enough, the two walk over to the driveway where Bieber has a decent basketball court setup to shoot some hoops where the singer's competitive side starts to show. Even Bieber's newest dog Todd, who has his own Instagram account, makes a quick cameo.

Unfortunately, Bieber is still without his Instagram after it was deleted, although he later told his Twitter followers that it was deleted on accident, brought it back for a minute, and then it disappeared again. 

The big question is if Bieber actually gets to spend any time here considering he is constantly working and currently on his Purpose World Tour. "When I have time off, yeah. I'm here." Watch the full tour above and revisit Bieber's Complex Cover story right here.